Learn How We Make Our CBD Vape Cartridges

We wanted to take a minute to show you how we make our CBD vape cartridges and answer some common questions we get about them. In this email, we’ll go over what they are, how they work, and what they’re filled with. The cartridges we sell online are non-psychoactive because they’re made with CBD Isolate, which is a 99% pure hemp extract that’s been separated from all other cannabinoids. In order to sell these cartridges nationwide they need to be 50-state legal and can’t contain any THC.  Sad.. we know😢

We source our CBD Isolate from a network of contacts we have built in Colorado and Oregon. We have a long-standing relationship with these partners that’s solidified our trust in them to continuously provide Honey Oil with clean and professionally made CBD concentrates. Their hemp is grown in optimal weather conditions all year round, which makes sourcing our raw materials that much easier. We are proud to have such great partners to work with!

Once we have the Isolate in hand, we melt it down so that it can be mixed with our terpenes and flavorings. When done correctly, each blend will create a different taste and experience. So even with the absence of THC, these terpenes can still affect the way you feel.

Myrcene for example, will present drowsy effects and is well suited for evenings, whereas the energetic effects of Pinene and Limonene might be a better fit for daytime use.

We keep our CBD and flavorings suspended in an organic MCT oil base which we have found to be the smoothest ingredient for vaping without distorting the taste of our flavor profiles. The oil is formulated to be around 50% pure in CBD by volume. As much as we’d love to increase that percentage, the CBD Isolate has a tendency to recrystallize at levels above 50% purity when THC isn’t present.

The ingredients are heated and blended until they are fully emulsified. Once the solution is finished mixing we use our automated filling machines to inject the CBD oil into each cartridge, and then press fit a mouthpiece on top. Once capped, our cartridges are fully sealed, eliminating the chance of any contaminates getting in, and preventing the oil from being tampered with.

With the time and effort put into ensuring our oil is of top-notch quality, it’s only right to for us to put it in the best hardware available. We use authentic CCELL ceramic cartridges for all of our vape products. These have a ceramic heating element that’s used to heat the oil and turn it into the vapor you inhale. We’ve found that these cartridges are the best kind to use for anything oil based, and their leak rate is less than 1%.

Eliminating the cotton wick means you will never get a burnt hit as long as the ceramic core is saturated with oil. There is a noticeably better flavor provided by the ceramic core versus cotton wicks.

You can pair our CBD carts with either of our batteries. We offer both a vape pen style battery, as well as a super compact Mini Mod that fits in the palm of your hand. While our CBD cartridges do work best with our batteries they will also work with any other 510 threaded vape battery you might have laying around.

We think it’s important to make our products compatible with others that are already on the market. It’s unreasonable to think you will always have Honey Oil products with you, so we want to make sure you can use our carts or batteries no matter what other kind of product you have on hand.

We hope this helps to answer any questions you’ve had about our CBD carts and maybe even a few you didn’t know you had yet! If you have any additional questions about these products, how they work, or what’s in them, just shoot a reply to this email and we will get you the answers you need.👍🏼

Check out the CBD cartridges we offer online, we have 8 flavors available in 500mg and 1000mg size as well as full kits that come with a battery + 500mg cartridge.

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