REPORT: The Effects of MCT Oil on the Human Body

Fractionated MCT Oil

There’s been much debate as to whether or not it’s safe to inhale the vapor of MCT Oil. Some say it can cause lipid pneumonia, other’s say there’s no proof of that ever occurring.


We did some research of our own and honestly, we weren’t able to find any reports of people being injured or coming down with a disease after vaping on oils that use MCT in the mix.

Virgin Coconut Oil

MCT Oil is made up of Medium Chain Triglycerides and is not the same as regular coconut oil. The coconut oil you see in stores is pasty and white. MCT Oil is almost 100% clear becuase the fats and lipids have been removed through a fractionated distillation process.

Since the fats, lipids, and long chain triglycerides are removed, the remaining medium chain triglycerides have been found to mix effortlessly with oil based formulations that contain THC, CBD, or a mix both.

Honey Oil CBD Vape Cartridge

Many manufacturers use MCT to dilute their oil with, whether it’s to increase profits or help the oil flow better in the vessel it’s stored in, such as a vape cartridge.

Read the report we’ve compiled below to educate yourself further on how MCT’s work, and how they affect the human body.



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