Profile on packaging for Honey Oil (Printed by Nonstop Signs)

When we set out to brand our products, we knew we had to go with the best printing and packaging service provider we could find. There are of course an absurd number of services that handle Vape packaging and CBD packaging. But our customers deserve the best of the best.

That’s why we turned to Nonstop Signs for Custom Packaging. They do an incredible job handling printing everything from packaging, posters, and banners to labels, stickers, and wraps. Check out their excellent, elegant labeling on our Vape cartridges:



The power of our Premium line of Honey Oil cartridges comes straight through that delicate ‘H’. As this cartridge decal shows, Nonstop Signs can handle much more than regular print jobs. They can take care of pretty much any print job you can imagine. If you don’t find something on their website, just reach out to them and ask them to do it. That’s what we did, and it worked out pretty well.


In fact, custom printing is their bread and butter. Since 2002, Nonstop Signs has been dedicated to bringing their industry expertise to the toughest print jobs businesses can come up with. They are dedicated to creating beautiful boxes with out of the box thinking.


We are especially happy with how our Vape packaging turned out. The golden Honey Oil logo design communicates the purity of our product:

Of course, every product needs a different package. CBD packaging and Vape packaging are different, and Nonstop Signs did a beautiful job giving each of the products their own unique case while maintaining the balance of elegance and attention-grabbing honeycomb patterning for each of our beehive themed boxes. That is a difficult feat to pull off, but Nonstop Signs made it look easy.






At every step of the process, from design to delivery, Derek, Jarred, and Cole were there to help us understand our options, advise us on project timelines, and make sure we got more value than we ever thought a printing service could deliver. It is safe to say that, without their amazing packaging, our sales and marketing would not be where it is today.


At the end of the day, though, our experience with the packaging comes second to the experience of the customers. Everyone knows that bad packaging can often turn an otherwise excellent vaping session with a new vape into a disappointing downer. No one wants to look at a bad decal on their vape and we want our customers to know how much we care about them. Packaging is one of the most important ways that we show our customers we care about them, and Nonstop Signs made sure our customers get that message.


Everything they printed for us reflects our commitment to bring you an excellent product. Even the decals on our CBD isolate containers are perfect:


Overall, working with Nonstop Signs has been a fantastic experience and we can highly recommend them to every business no matter how complicated or unusual your printing needs are. If there is a way to create what you are envisioning, they will make it happen.

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