THC Distillate Jar


Our dab jars are filled with pure, golden honey oil with just a hint of terps for that extra taste. These jars are more potent than our carts and are perfect for dabbing at home. Coming in at 85%+ THC, our Honey Oil jars are guaranteed to get you lifted!

CBD Isolate Jar


Honey Oil’s CBD isolate comes in at a whopping 99% purity which is perfect for dabbing! Scoop the CBD crystals up and dab them right on your heated nail, or add them to your other dabs for a dose of CBD with your THC. This isolate is derived from legal hemp plants grown in Colorado and is 50 state legal.

20:1 CBD Distillate Jar


This CBD Distillate is a really special oil. It’s a high CBD, full spectrum cannabis oil that’s derived from female cannabis plants right here in California. Great for easing pain, or for taking a dab when you don’t want to get too high. This oil will crystalize over time, and it’s pretty cool when it does. That’s the extreme potency of the CBD showing through!