Mini Mod Vape Batteries


These mini mods are a great alternative to our pen style batteries with a much more compact profile. They are super small and can fit in the 3rd pocket of your jeans, or tuck away neatly in your purse.


Battery life on these should last you all day long and then some. There’s a built in micro USB port for charging on the go (cable is included). 5 clicks of the button to power on/off, 2 clicks to activate pre-heat mode. Provides a stable voltage of 3.7 volts.


*Cartridge not included

Variable Voltage Vape Battery


Our pen style batteries will power any 510 threaded vape cartridge. With a solid feel in the hand, this stainless steel battery features a flush mounted power button and a micro USB port on the bottom. No need to carry around a USB adapter anymore. Just plug it in like your phone and vape while it’s charging!


The 380mah battery holds enough charge for 500+ hits and lasts for multiple days. This is a variable voltage battery with 3 power settings and a 10 second pre-heat function. Use the pre-heat function to warm thick oils before taking a rip. Adjust voltage to increase or decrease flavor and vapor production.


Low: 2.7 volts
Med: 3.2 volts
High: 3.7 volts
Pre-heat: 2 volts


Batteries come 90% charged and include a 1 meter micro USB cable, plus a Honey Oil sticker inside each retail ready box. Battery Dimensions = 11 x 88mm