Honey Oil Private Label CBD Services

Posted by Dab Thoughts on  June 27, 2019

Not only do we make our Honey Oil products in house, but we also make other brands products too! With the equipment and staff we have on hand, our years of experience allow us to make any type of product you can think of. We specialize in CBD vape cartridges, tinctures, and dog treats. But we can also make topicals, gummies, capsules, pre-rolls, and basically anything else you can mix CBD oil with. Whether you
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Take a quick look at how we formulate and fill our vape cartridges! We make both THC and CBD carts on a daily basis in a wide variety of flavors. We offer both cannabis strains flavored with terpenes as well as fruit flavors made with concentrates extracted from the fruits themselves. We only use authentic CCELL cartridges so that you’ll never experience any leaks! Vapor production is huge and flavor is always on point. Available
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Take a trip up to Adelanto, California with the Honey Oil crew as we travel from San Diego to Kushstock Festival on 420! This has become an annual tradition of ours and we thought it’d be cool to film the trip and all the pot smoking shenanigans along the way. Shout out to everyone we saw at the show! Great day of making connections and celebrating the herb. See you next year ✌🏼
Outer Limits in Oceanside and Lung Doctor in Escondido are well known for being two of San Diego’s busiest smoke shops. We are excited to announce that both shops are now carrying the full line of Honey Oil CBD products with prominent display cases in both locations. Since 1997, Outer Limits smoke shop has been the place to shop for all your smoking needs. They have over 47 showcases full of glass and are famous for their
We just received the most recent test results from our premium THC vape carts and we’re happy to announce that they’re are 100% clean and heavy metal free! There’s been lots of concern about heavy metals recently, but we weren’t worried since we only use authentic CCELL cartridges which do not contain harmful levels of heavy metals. We let the distillate sit in this cart for three weeks before sending it in for testing at
We all feel anxiety now and then. However, for some people, anxiety is not a passing feeling, but an ongoing mental health issue. Even simple tasks and routine situations can trigger intense and sometimes crippling anxiety. If you experience anxiety at this level, you’re far from alone. Anxiety-related disorders affect a huge segment of our population—the National Institute of Mental Health reports that 18 percent of adults in the US are affected by an anxiety-related
If you use a CBD vaporizer to help with issues of pain or anxiety, the last thing you want is to find that the oil in your flavored CBD cartridges have gone bad. However, don’t be too quick to throw those cartridges away. The darker color and cloudy look that many people mistake for spoiled CBD oil is, in fact, a good product getting even better. As a purveyor of top quality CBD oil, we
As you may have heard, CBD benefits are numerous and include reducing anxiety, nausea, seizures, and muscle spasms in both humans and animals. Additionally, CBD provides a natural alternative for pain relief and makes an effective sleep aid. As the legalization of marijuana continues to spread, many curious consumers have been left wondering what is CBD, and how is it different than THC? Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two main cannabinoids found in the
With the continued expansion of the marijuana industry, many consumers have become increasingly concerned about a lack of regulations surrounding the CBD they are purchasing. What’s in it? Where did it come from? And how can you be sure that the CBD pre-roll you are smoking is free of contaminants, like heavy metals or pesticides? We start by sourcing USA grown hemp from a trusted distributor. As it is processed, the hemp CBD undergoes third party
Fractionated MCT Oil There’s been much debate as to whether or not it’s safe to inhale the vapor of MCT Oil. Some say it can cause lipid pneumonia, other’s say there’s no proof of that ever occurring.   We did some research of our own and honestly, we weren’t able to find any reports of people being injured or coming down with a disease after vaping on oils that use MCT in the mix. Virgin
Unfortunately, our main Instagram account @honeyoilco got targeted and shut down 2 days ago. We are currently working with Instagram to get our account back up and running. We need YOUR help with getting it back, we believe we got shut down due to Instagram’s censorship of the cannabis community. So Honey Oil needs you! Use the hashtag #BringbackHoneyOil and tag @Instagram on our new post. Explain to Instagram that we have been wrongfully targeted and why you #LovetheHoney. The post you need to

2019, The Year of Mainstream Cannabis

Posted by Dab Thoughts on  January 21, 2019

In 2018, we saw an incredible amount of social acceptance when it comes to legal cannabis, and the products containing it. The industry has rapidly taken shape, and each time a measure for legalization is on a ballot and passes, new opportunity for industry-wide growth arises. With that, innovative products incorporating one of the two major extracts, be it THC or CBD, are being developed and released to the medical and recreational populace, where cannabis

Learn How We Make Our CBD Vape Cartridges

Posted by Dab Thoughts on  January 18, 2019

We wanted to take a minute to show you how we make our CBD vape cartridges and answer some common questions we get about them. In this email, we’ll go over what they are, how they work, and what they’re filled with. The cartridges we sell online are non-psychoactive because they’re made with CBD Isolate, which is a 99% pure hemp extract that’s been separated from all other cannabinoids. In order to sell these cartridges nationwide

CBD Infused Dog Treat Lab Test Results

Posted by HoneyOil on  January 6, 2019

We aim for our dog treats to contain 5mg of active CBD per biscuit. This batch came in a bit higher! But we can’t complain, and we’re sure your pup won’t either 😋 View Certificate of Analysis here >>> Honey Oil CBD Dog Treat COA CBD Infused Dog Treats can be purchased in 8 oz bags in our online store https://honeyoilco.myshopify.com/products/cbd-dog-biscuits

2018 Farm Bill Passed! Will Trump Sign it??

Posted by Dab Thoughts on  December 14, 2018

Posted by u/HolistiHemp far The 2018 Farm Bill has passed! Both the House and the Senate have officially signed the bill. Now we just need President Trump to sign it into law! What is it? Since The Controlled Substance Act of 1970 all cannabis was a schedule 1 drug, be it psychoactive or not, making hemp a controlled substance. The Agricultural act of 2014 defined the difference between Marijuana and Hemp, defining hemp as cannabis
Three major cannabis-related measures were on the city of Vista’s November 2018 ballot. First, and most prominently, is Measure Z. A referendum which 8,000 Vista voters made possible to appear on this year’s ballot – largely in response to Vista’s long-standing dismissive attitude towards the cannabis industry, and the fallout that position has left on the affected communities.  Despite medical cannabis being legal in California for over 20 years, Vista has spent millions in tax

Coming Soon: Industrial Hemp

Posted by Dab Thoughts on  December 10, 2018

  On June 28th, 2018, the Senate voted 86-11 to legalize Hemp, led by the unlikely hero in Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, of all lizard people — *cough*, I mean, politicians. This legislation, included in the 2018 Farm Bill will be finalized and voted on soon, expected to pass early to mid-December. Of course, that is barring any additional former-presidential deaths, alien invasions, romaine lettuce zombie outbreaks, or lastly, states of emergency put in
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Strawberry Distillate Dabs With Honey Oil

Posted by Andy Victorine on  November 12, 2018

Here is a dope melt shot video of some of our strawberry distillate.🐝🍯🔥

DEA Placed CBD As Schedule V?

Posted by Dab Thoughts on  November 9, 2018

It was either Voltaire or Ben Parker, who said, “with great power, comes great responsibility.” In this case, the great responsibility is making decisions that can drastically affect an entire population, if you’re the greatly powerful FDA. In June of 2018, the FDA urged another branch of our ever-so-nimble government, the DEA, to deschedule Cannabidiol, better known as CBD. A decision that makes an unprecedented amount of sense, as a seemingly endless list of clinical
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Honey Oil Hits The Padres Game

Posted by Andy Victorine on  November 8, 2018

We took our team out for treat for doing such an amazing job at work. Heres a little recap of this awesome day.
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Honey Oil Features T-Hawk

Posted by Andy Victorine on  October 26, 2018

We had such a blast filming and producing with Tyler Hawkins! Here is a dope video of Tyler getting down blowing some beautiful glass!🍯🐝
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Filling Up Honest Paws Tinctures

Posted by Andy Victorine on  October 24, 2018

Heres a cool time-lapse on how we fill tincture bottles.
As legal weed continues to make waves in every industry it touches, new trends are upon us. With inevitable corporate interest emerging its large, misshapen, and malevolent head from the concrete jungle in which it resided, where is it looking towards? Beverages infused with extracts, and more specifically, CBD. From polar bears, to Santa Claus, to celebrity spokespeople, to emotionally charged advertising, and now onto CBD, beverage mogul Coca Cola has been reportedly making headway
When we set out to brand our products, we knew we had to go with the best printing and packaging service provider we could find. There are of course an absurd number of services that handle Vape packaging and CBD packaging. But our customers deserve the best of the best. That’s why we turned to Nonstop Signs for Custom Packaging. They do an incredible job handling printing everything from packaging, posters, and banners to labels,
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How To Use Honey Oil Vape Pen Batteries

Posted by Andy Victorine on  September 18, 2018

In this video, we give you a quick run down of how to use our variable voltage vape pen batteries. Dialing in the right setting is essential to getting the perfect hit from your cartridge.🍯🐝
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Making Joints In the Honeyoil Lab🐝🍯🔥
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Honey Oil Featuring Isaiah Johnson

Posted by Andy Victorine on  August 24, 2018

We had the opportunity to produce this awesome video for our good friend Isaiah Johnson repping Honey Oil! 🐝🍯  
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Here is a dope video on how we make our capsules.🐝🍯
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This tincture batch was specifically made for our CBD dog treats. Getting it ready to roll out to the bakery.🍯🐝🔥
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A quick peak at how we make dog treats and tinctures using full spectrum CBD oil, and a variety of plant based terpenes

Honey Oil Cartridges

Posted by Andy Victorine on  August 3, 2018

We make eight different flavors/strains with the best of the best terps and hardware. Here’s a dope video featuring some of our flavors.🐝🍯🔥

Marijuana vs. Alcohol & Tobacco

Posted by LO on  May 14, 2018

Here’s a “Big Shock”: Marijuana is Less Harmful than BOTH Alcohol & Tobacco With the amount of information and scientific studies surfacing everyday about the multitude of benefits marijuana has, you’d think people would generally realize that by nature, cannabis is safer than alcohol and tobacco….. but there’s always a critic who thinks they know best. Well for those people I say read this article, and then tell me we’re wrong. Federal Study Finds Marijuana

How To Properly Use A Glass Dabber

Posted by LO on  May 14, 2018

Glass Dabbers, Syringes, Dablicators… Call Them Whatever You Want, We’re About to Show you How to Use One🎯 Pull off the ENTIRE plastic cap to expose the glass applicator Torch the banger on your rig to desired temp Warm the glass body of the syringe over banger as it cools Press down on plunger to dispense distillate Dab oil directly onto your heated banger Use a carb cap to finish off your dab Inhale and…
A Pro-Cannabis Force Is Organizing & They’re Ready To Take On The Weed Haters It’s one thing that a large group of government officials have come together to advocate for the growing cannabis industry, but then you add a game changer like the aptly named REFER Act, and Sessions’ archaically warped threats are once again more and more obsolete.   Bipartisan REFER Act Targets Sessions’ War On Cannabis In High Style In response to ongoing

From Gold Rush to Green Rush

Posted by LO on  January 23, 2018

CA is Expecting Some SERIOUS Marijuana Sales in 2018 In California, green is now the new gold. Adult-Use legalization is massively increasing marijuana demand in California, and it’s taking the state’s cannabis industry by storm. With expected 1M pounds worth of marijuana sales this year, California is right on track towards becoming the most lucrative legal market out there. California Predicted to Sell One Million Pounds of Weed in First Year of Legalization The adult-use cannabis

10 Weed-Inspired Resolutions for 2018

Posted by LO on  January 22, 2018

“New Year, New Me” has an entirely new meaning for stoners in 2018 With the Adult-Use legalization in California, and the ongoing national growth of both medical and recreational use of marijuana, 2018 is looking like it’s going to be a good year for us stoners. The following resolutions will help you make the very most of the new year! 10 Weed-Inspired New Year’s Resolutions For Cannabis Lovers If you’re someone who uses the phrase
California may have legalized recreational marijuana use, but Coachella still deems it a “no-go” Considered one of the “trendiest” music festivals out there, it’s surprising  (and a tad frustrating) to cannabis users that Coachella isn’t supporting one of the largest trends in California: legal marijuana use. Looking back on the history of the festival, it’s even more mind-boggling to consider how many celebrities have publicly toked up while performing  on stage, but somehow, even with
California Congresswoman Becomes Formidable Opponent for Sessions and Excessive Federal Enforcement Barbara Lee’s affirmative action against Jeff Sessions is giving the worried cannabis industry members a bit of relief.  The informally named “REFER Act of 2018” was filed last Friday (1/12) by Lee aimed at protecting the country’s bolstering marijuana industry.   U.S. House Cultivates New Bill to Stop DOJ Cannabis Crackdown California Congresswoman Rep. Barbara Lee (D-13th District) filed some powerful legislation last Friday

Sessions Fire 0% Contained

Posted by LO on  January 13, 2018

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is leading the anti-pot charge, and he’s coming in HOT! With the repeal of the Cole Memo, federal prosecution is back on the table for legalized cannabis states, and Sessions is more determined that ever to destroy the cannabis industry… &  this time he’s taking no prisoners. Jeff Sessions is Coming! Jeff Sessions is Coming! What the Repeal of the Cole Memo Means for Us The Good, The Bad and The

Denver First to Legalize Social Marijuana Use

Posted by LO on  January 12, 2018

Denver’s social consumption ordinance is now in full effect. Being one of the only “permissible” forms of social marijuana ingestion so far, it looks like the vaping industry is about to seriously cash in. Denver: Mile-High City First in US to Permit Social Marijuana Use Effective immediately, officials in Denver have approved the implementation of Proposition 300, the city’s voter-backed social consumption law. Good news for some marijuana consumers in the Mile High City, the approval of Proposition

CA is Expecting Some SERIOUS Marijuana Sales in 2018 In California, green is now the new gold. Adult-Use legalization is massively increasing marijuana demand in California, and it's taking the state's cannabis industry by storm. With expected 1M pounds worth of marijuana sales this year, California is...